LKS08 Series

LKS08 series MCU is a series of high performance motion control chips for motor driving market. Integrated Instrument-level Full Differential Programmable Gain Amplifier + Differential ADC to process positive and negative signals without voltage bias; Integrated synchronous dual sampling 3Msps 12BIT high speed ADC, integrated full temperature range 0.5% voltage reference source; Integrated 96MHz 32bit MCU+DSP, autonomous instruction set DSP can be run as a heterogeneous independent core program, trigonometric function operation, square operation completed within 100ns; The operating temperature range is -40~105℃. The internal RC full temperature range clock deviation is within ±1%. High integration, BOM cost saving, abundant analog operational amplifier and comparator resources can meet the different requirements of single-resistance/double-resistance/three-resistance current sampling topology and save expensive current sampling resistance and reduces system power consumption.